How we came to be….

The International Association of Chaplains in Higher Education is the international professional association for chaplains in higher education.

An International Chaplaincy Committee was established as the international planning committee for the first Global University Chaplains’ Conference held in Vancouver in 2000.

In planning towards the second Global University Chaplains’ Conference in Brisbane 2004, a new international consultative committee was formed. This committee widened its brief and also began to work towards developing an international association.

In preparation for the Global Conference in 2008, the International Higher Education Chaplaincy Committee was formed. In each of these instances, the members of the committees were representatives nominated by national and regional Chaplaincy Associations.

An Initial draft of a constitution for an International Association was prepared by Erich Von Dietze, Chair of the International Committee 2002 – 2006. The constitution which follows has been worked on subsequently by members of the present International Committee.